290kW solar system with Risen panels for Fresenius Medical Care Australia

Fresenius Medical Care is the leading provider of products and services to those affected by chronic kidney failure. As part of its responsibility to its patients, it has a firm focus on environmental sustainability. One of its recent initiatives was to implement a sustainable energy solution that could transform its operations to generate long-term electricity savings and support its sustainability goals. 

Risen Energy Australia’s trusted solar partner, Solar Galaxy, worked closely with Fresenius Medical Care Australia to ensure it was given the best solution possible. A thorough analysis of its current electricity use, operations and long-term goals were reviewed by a Solar Galaxy expert and a 290kW system was recommended for Fresenius’ Smithfield factory.

For the system, Fresenius specifically requested Risen’s quality solar panels to which Solar Galaxy then recommended the best panel usage and system setup. Risen Energy’s 540W Panels were suggested, perfectly suited to the commercial and large scale/utility market. The panels come with an industry leading lowest thermal co-efficient of power, excellent low irradiance performance and a leading 12 years product warranty. The team at Solar Galaxy were happy to support the request for Risen, having worked closely with Risen Energy on previous projects where they experienced the consistent high-quality delivery that Risen has to offer. 

“Solar Galaxy prioritises quality above all else. Because [Risen Energy’s] brand mission goes hand-in-hand with ours we have quite a strong relationship with them as a manufacturer”

-Marketing and Commercial Sales Manager, Solar Galaxy

With an emphasis on the durability of the system, Fresenius Medical Care can feel confident in its panel choice with a system that is built to last. 

The system was completed with the install of 537 Risen Energy Titan 540W panels paired with Sungrow Inverters, the system is set to provide 84% of Fresenius Medical Care Australia’s energy needs, as well as:

  • Reduce yearly CO2 emissions by 342 tonnes per year
  • Reduce grid consumption by 52% and,
  • Provide $3.6million in lifetime system savings

Currently, the system is providing more energy than required at its Smithfield factory facility, allowing Fresenius the option to contribute clean energy back to the grid as well as the flexibility to expand its operations operating within its current renewable energy system. 

Using Risen Energy panels and working directly with Solar Galaxy, Fresenius can feel at ease in the after-care of its system. Solar Galaxy is committed to providing ongoing support, ensuring that clients like Fresenius Medical Care receive continuous assistance beyond the installation phase. This dedication, paired with Risen Energy’s outstanding team which is readily accessible for inquiries and support, ensures a reliable and enduring solar solution.

“Dealing with [the Risen Energy] team is such a pleasant experience from sales to marketing to operations and even technical. If you ever have a problem, Risen is easy to speak to, easy to get in touch with…”

-Marketing and Commercial Sales Manager, Solar Galaxy

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