Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Commitments.


Our mission is to improve the energy structure through innovation of technology and enhancing the quality of human life.



Respect everyone’s culture, background, time and privacy to build a foundation of mutual trust and a positive environment.


Show utmost care about our work, our personal wellbeing, our team, our stakeholders, the community and the environment.


We commit to continuous improvement of our company, our products and our solutions.

We commit to being a renewable powerhouse by fostering best practices, robust policies and developing world-class products and solutions.


We adhere to our mission and values to guide how we operate, and we work together as a company to achieve outcomes while ensuring that we do the right and responsible thing.

From workplace health and safety, and sustainable practices to community programs or donations, we endeavour to provide a safe and secure work culture and at the same time make a positive and sustainable difference for our community and the environment.

We do this by considering the social and environmental impacts of everything we do and consistently strive to improve, by focusing on good business practices and supporting positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes.

Our policies provide the framework of how we operate internally and externally.


The below policies provide the framework of how we operate internally and externally.

Whistleblower Policy

Modern Slavery Statement


Risen strives to make positive contributions to the communities in which it operates and works with the local council, state government, local industry, and other stakeholders to determine the most appropriate form of contribution for the community. Risen also supports local communities through education. During the operation phase of our solar farms, we work with local community groups to offer organised tours around the facility. Risen endeavours to provide members of the community with first-hand experiences to learn about solar energy.

Through our partner program donation initiative, we collaborate with community and organisational partners to give back to the Australian community. We request retailers and installers to nominate local community groups or NFP organisations to receive Risen donated panels. By doing so, we maximise collaboration and engagement with our customers and encourage support for local community organisations at all phases of our supply chain. If you are a Risen customer and would like to collaborate with us, please email us at

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