Funding. Development. Operation.


Since 2017, we have gradually expanded our project development and investment team and have solidified our financing and large-scale utility project development capability in Australia.

We provide expertise in the analysis, development and acquisition of projects and we also provide customised finance options for larger utility-scale developments.

These include construction finance, panel finance, and equity options.


Our solid in-house project delivery team enables us to provide a one-stop solution for large scale solar projects.

Consisting of highly skilled engineers, experienced project managers, construction managers, commissioning managers and administrators, we possess a wealth of experience and understanding of the technical and functional requirements to deliver large scale solar projects.

We strive to drive best practice outcomes, customised solutions and savings for our customers by using a forward thinking and customer-centric approach.

Our long-term partnerships with various established companies in the industry enable us to pass on cost savings to customers without compromising on quality.

Our Project Delivery Solutions

In-house design concepts and further design related input to fulfill and facilitate the establishment of technical specification for the project
Design planning and optimisation, yield assessment, coordination with project partners (e.g. network operators), detailed planning and definition of service specifications
Engineering and design compliance with the project’s technical and functional specifications
Supervision and project management of the construction and commissioning of the project, detailed design and overall management
Supervision, management and coordination of construction and commissioning interface in accordance with a detailed schedule
Establishment of contractual arrangements with other contractors, vendors, sub-contractors and sub-vendors, through a rigorous tender process
Mediation and resolution of any disputes that arise between the principal and contractors


Risen Energy Australia’s O&M team was set up in 2019 to manage solar farm assets through the transitioning from construction commissioning to full operational capacity and beyond. Our team has the ability to offer customised solutions and expertise support for any large-scale solar plant.

We have built an operating platform that provides a systematic approach used to drive progress towards world-class performance. It links the business planning process with the core technical outcomes for each project defining a vision of success and setting objectives.

Gaps between current performance and these objectives are detected during the assessment phase. Plans processes are then developed and implemented to minimise these gaps.

Site operations interface with Network Service Providers, AEMO and other third parties including:

  • Site health, safety and environmental compliance programs
  • Site security
  • Alarm management and response
  • Outage management
  • Market bidding
  • Solar forecasting
  • Performance reporting

Site asset management including:

  • Computerised Maintenance Management System (MEX)
  • Spares management
  • Inspection and testing programs
  • Corrective maintenance
  • OEM co-ordination and warranty management
  • Site infrastructure and communications systems

With an experienced site team, all core asset and operational activities are completed with the support of original equipment vendors to optimise asset performance.

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