Five reasons why your business should swap to solar in 2023

Over the last decade, solar technology has transformed drastically to meet market demands for reduced installation and maintenance costs and higher levels of power and efficiency. 

Unsurprisingly, more and more businesses are turning to solar energy to power their operations as a way to reduce costs and meet sustainability objectives. Thousands of businesses across Australia have made the swap to solar – and it’s easy to see why!

1. Reduce your electricity costs

Energy accounts for a large portion of most businesses’ opex so one of the biggest reasons to go solar is the significant savings in energy costs. 

The ROI for a solar system can be realised in as little as three years, and the savings thereafter can equate to tens or even hundreds of thousands each year depending on the size of the business. 

As an added benefit, installing solar shields businesses from unexpected price fluctuations in electricity and allows more control in financial planning by providing stable and predictable energy costs. This is particularly advantageous in the current climate!

Further, solar panels require minimal maintenance and have a typical life of 20 to 30 years.

2. Reduce your carbon emissions

Switching to solar energy plays a large role in the conservation of the earth and the climate crisis. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels, air pollution and water usage are some of the major outcomes of solar projects. 

In the switch to solar, businesses encourage their industries to become more ethical and in turn become part of a movement to increase environmental standards for businesses.

3. Attract environmentally conscious customers

One in two Australians actively seek greener products and services. Solar projects can help redefine how consumers view a business. In a culture that is increasingly focused on ethical environmental practices, solar offers companies the ability to differentiate themselves and appeal to new consumers. 

4. Add value to your building

The installation of solar panels increases your property’s value. Upon installation it becomes an integral asset to your land and space, seen as a desirable and valuable feature in the eyes of buyers and renters. Your building will become more energy-efficient, sustainable and offer reduced electricity bills, putting it ahead of the market. 

5. Enhance your brand image

The installation of solar panels does more than save on electricity, it becomes an integral part of a company’s CSR and sustainability initiatives. The use of renewable energy is an important part of demonstrating your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint.

A case study: Covino Farms

Covino Farms is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of carrots, lettuce and broccoli. It operates nationally supplying to customers across Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide and holds over 3,500 acres of farmland in East Gippsland. 

Covino Farms underwent a solar transformation with the assistance of Cherry Energy Solutions. The installation was completed with the use of 1,742 450W Risen panels, creating a 783.9kW solar solution. Now, Covino is reaping the benefits of its investment.

Covino Farms enjoyed reduced upfront project costs through its application to several solar-supporting government programs which provided incentives for its move to sustainable energy. The installation saves the company an estimated $189,439 in electricity costs every year while significantly reducing its carbon emissions.

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