Five Tips for Boosting Your Solar Business

In the rapidly evolving renewable energy market businesses need to adapt quickly to keep up with competition, demand and industry growth. Implementing strategic approaches that considers the end-user, company objectives and current market position will be key to standing out against your competitors. 

Whether you’re an established solar company or just starting out, we have five tips to get you started on boosting your business. From enhancing your digital presence to leveraging partner relationships and co-branding opportunities, following these tips closely and mindfully will help ensure business success and provide a competitive edge. 

1. Participate in local events

Attending local events provides your business with the opportunity to network with clients, industry professionals, investors and other potential business partners while building brand awareness. Actively engaging within the industry also allows your business to get ahead on upcoming industry trends and incorporate these into your future business strategy. 

As a solar business you’re provided with an abundance of opportunities to participate in local trade shows, community fairs and green energy conferences. If you’re from South Australia, take a look at this upcoming solar conference by Energy Spurt, supported by Risen Energy Australia. 

2. Stay updated on industry trends

Aside from participating in local events, you can also keep up with renewable energy news through industry-relevant newsletters, social media channels, podcasts and analytics tools (such as the highly popular Google Trends). Pay close attention to thought leaders in the industry as well as your main competitors and leading technology developers within the field to ensure you are always ahead when it comes to your product and service offerings.

3. Revitalise your marketing and advertising approach

Increasing your marketing investment or changing directions with your brand or strategy can help revitalise your business and provide a leg up on the competition. Carefully review your current marketing channels, budget expenditure, brand image, messaging, and overall strategy to find potential areas for improvement and increased audience engagement. 

4. Provide exceptional customer support

Don’t end your customer relationships at installation. Offering ongoing support and maintenance to your customers ensures that you retain high quality relationships that encourage positive company reviews and word of mouth. Post-purchase support can include regular maintenance, troubleshooting assistance, or a dedicated team to provide further product information and assistance to your customers.

5. Build relationships with local partners

Quality, local partnerships are going to provide your business with the support you need to provide an outstanding service that moves you ahead of the competition. With opportunities for future cobranding, collaborative marketing, and joint value-adding partnership projects, a valuable industry partnership can provide your business with increased returns on investment across a range of business activities.

Implement all 5 tips in one simple step

The Risen Partner Program (RPP) is designed to provide your business with an across the board boost which elevates marketing, customer support, quality and more. As a Risen partner you are supported by a leader in innovation and technological development ensuring that your product offerings are always up to date. With access to exclusive sales and technical training, direct support team access, branded gear and marketing material, your business is supported in numerous ways.

Read more about our program here or contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

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