Looking Forward: Our commitment to BESS

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the key to Australia – and the world – transitioning to 100% reliable, clean energy. Here at Risen Energy Australia, we are committed to making this transition as seamless and efficient as possible which is why we are investing heavily in the development of BESS projects.

Our latest project, the Coleambally BESS project, will sit adjacent to the pre-existing 150MW Coleambally solar farm. The farm currently takes up 513 hectares and is home to over 560,000 solar panels. Producing 380MWh per year, our proposed storage system – which will feature batteries manufactured by Risen subsidiary company SYL – will be responsible for ensuring this electricity is used to its optimal potential. 

The four-hour lithium battery storage project will be able to hold and resupply power to the national grid when it’s needed most. With a proposed capacity of 100 MW/400MWh, the system will be able to meet all necessary storage requirements of the farm, and redistribute the power at peak times. It will provide a much needed solution to the volatility of renewable energy generation, meaning the solar farm will be able to provide stable power solutions on-par with coal-fired power stations. The project is proposed to take up four hectares with minimal visual impact. 

The Coleambally project is the latest announced proposal from a pipeline of Risen Australia BESS projects that are at various stages of development. It follows on from our recent Bungama BESS project which received funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency as part of its $176 million investment into Australia’s grid scale battery projects. Risen Australia CEO Archie Chen commented on the funding saying “the funding will also enable us to provide the best possible solution for the project and the learnings attained from Bungama will benefit similar BESS projects in our pipeline”. 

The technological development and learnings achieved through the Bungama project funding will expand to our future project pipeline which currently totals six projects at various stages, including the project at Coleambally. 

We are passionate about the ability of BESS to provide workable solutions to the energy demands of the grid, in the face of the volatility of renewable energy systems. Continued innovation and development in this area is a key priority moving forward, and Risen Energy Australia is working to be a leader in this space. 

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