Risen Energy (Australia) increases its product warranty from 15 years to 25 years

Risen Energy (Australia) is pleased to announce that the company is extending the product warranty on residential modules installed for rooftop applications from 15 years to 25 years. The Warranties apply to modules which are first installed on residential rooftops after February 1st 2022.

Archie Chen, CEO, Risen Energy Australia, commented, “It remains our goal to ensure we provide our customers with value and complete peace of mind when purchasing Risen panels. Our customers are our priority, and we will continue to use a customer centric approach in all aspects of our business”. He added that it is his hope that this warranty extension will give new and potential customers more confidence to choose Risen.

Danny Song, Head of Product Development of Risen Group, mentioned, “Risen has enduring evidence of the longevity of our panels, and it is for this reason we have the utmost confidence in our decision to extend the product warranty to 25 years for application in the Australian residential rooftop sector”. Mr Song added that a key contributing factor in the company’s decision to extend the warranty is Risen’s continuous improvement in material and module process and the company’s 20 years+ manufacturing experience in PV modules.

The warranty applies to these modules:

1) RSM40-8-xxxMB (xxx= module power)

2) RSM40-8-xxxM with black frame (xxx= module power)

3) RSM130-8-xxxMB (xxx= module power)

4) RSM130-8-xxxM with black frame (xxx= module power)

Download the warranty statement here

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