Risen Energy, GoodWe, OSW, and Solenergy Collaborate to Power World’s First Living Coral Biobank with Sustainable Energy Solution

Risen Energy, GoodWe, OSW, and Solenergy have come together in the Forever Reef project, donating a 22.5kW system with 15kW battery storage system to the World’s First Living Coral Biobank. Led by Great Barrier Reef Legacy, this initiative aims to protect coral species for future generations and combat the impacts of climate change.

Inside the World’s First Living Coral Biobank

As leaders in the solar industry, the companies understand that solar offers more than just sustainability; it holds the power to transform our world. This joint effort showcases the boundless potential of solar energy in mitigating climate change and preserving precious biodiversity.

Donation plaque from the Biobank

The donated system comprises Risen’s high-performance 415W Titan S solar panels, GoodWe’s ET 3-phase high voltage inverter, and Lynx F Series high voltage Battery, made possible through the facilitation and installation expertise of OSW and Solenergy. These components work together seamlessly to provide the Biobank with efficient energy independence, enhanced self-consumption, and comprehensive storage options. Notably, the system goes beyond carbon neutrality to achieve carbon positivity by generating more energy than it consumes. Therefore, it will also help to minimise the Biobank’s carbon footprint and make it a true sustainable operation.

“We are truly thankful to Risen, GoodWe, OSW, and Solenergy for their generous donation. Their support is invaluable in enabling us to run this facility effectively and sustainably while minimising our impact on climate change which is the major cause of coral bleaching events.” Said Dean Miller, Managing Director of the GBR Legacy Project Leader and Living Coral Biobank.

By providing the Biobank with this cutting-edge solution, the companies are laying the foundation for a more sustainable future, one that can be proudly passed on to future generations.

Risen’s high-performance 415W Titan S solar panels on the roof of the Biobank
GoodWe’s ET 3-phase high voltage inverter (top) and Lynx F Series high voltage Battery (botom)


  • “We are honoured to contribute our high-performance solar panels towards the conservation efforts to preserve the corals of the Great Barrier Reef,” said Lorraine Khng – Risen Energy Australia’s Head of Marketing. “With an impressive 21.6% panel efficiency, they enable the Biobank to be carbon neutral.”
  • “We are proud to support this important cause by providing our advanced energy storage solutions,” said Dean Williamson, GoodWe Australia Country Manager. “The ET Series three-phase inverter and Lynx F Series Battery will increase energy independence and provide the ability to increase storage options for the Biobank in the future as they continue their amazing work.”
  • “We are dedicated to driving positive change and thrilled to contribute our expertise in providing sustainable energy solutions to the World’s First Living Coral Biobank,” said Andy Cheng – OSW Head of Procurement, Product, Marketing.
Dean Miller (second from the left), Managing Director of the GBR Legacy Project Leader and Living Coral Biobank, joined by representatives from GoodWe, Risen, and OSW, celebrating the completion of the solar system installation.

The collaborative efforts of Risen, GoodWe, OSW, and Solenergy set a powerful example of how corporations can come together to drive positive change. The donated solar system will not only power the World’s First Living Coral Biobank but also contribute to its objectives of preserving coral species and combating the effects of climate change. As sustainability requires collective action, we extend an invitation to communities and organizations worldwide to join us on this transformative journey. For more information about The Forever Reef project and how you can help, please visit:

About Risen Energy Australia

Risen Energy Australia, a subsidiary of Risen Energy, established its presence in Australia in 2008. The company specialises in the supply of solar PV panels, catering to both the retail and utility scale sectors and is currently ranked as one of the top panel suppliers in the Australian rooftop sector. In 2018, Risen Energy Australia expanded its operations to include funding, construction, and operation of commercial and utility-scale solar and battery energy storage solution (BESS) projects.

Founded in 1986, Risen Energy is a distinguished Tier-1 solar module manufacturer and PV solutions provider, publicly listed on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 300118). With a global reach, the company has 22 global sales service centres and boasts a workforce of over 11,000 employees worldwide.

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About GoodWe

GoodWe is a world-leading PV inverter and energy storage systems manufacturer listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688390). The company has more than 4,600 employees located in 15 different countries and a team of over 850 engineers working at its R&D centres to continuously optimize and advance energy storage technology. GoodWe storage inverters were ranked in the top 3 globally by Wood Mackenzie in 2022, the company was ranked 3rd in the top Australian inverter suppliers by IHS Markit in 2021 and the most financially stable inverter company by BloombergNEF. Having achieved over six consecutive TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” awards and consistently being ranked at the top in terms of overall product quality, GoodWe’s comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions for residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV systems is guaranteed to deliver high performance and reliable quality across the board.

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About OSW

OSW is the largest solar distributor in Australia, offering a wide range of solar products, including PV panels, inverters, EV chargers, solar storage options, racking, and components from leading solar innovators. We are listed among the top 500 privately listed companies and are recognized as one of Australia’s fastest growing top 100 companies. With six warehouses across Australia and expanding into the European market and other locations across the globe, including Poland, Munich, Texas, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, OSW is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and driving sustainability.

Understanding the importance of technology in improving their services, OSW has diversified its services to include IT Software, Virtual Power Plants (VPP), power services, and financing. OSW, in conjunction with its subsidiaries Green Deal and Manta Energy, empowers customers on the journey of sustainability from the beginning to end.

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