Risen’s 600W+ PV Solar Modules Withstand Heavy Hail Test

The world, including Australia, is no stranger to extreme weather conditions such as hail storms.

As part of our ongoing analysis to ensure the quality and durability our panels, our R&D team in China has performed a series of tests on our 600W+ 210mm solar panels in line with the IEC61215 standard which specifies the requirements and specifications for the PV module hail testing. The China Meteorological Administration classifies a hailstorm with a diameter of more than 20mm as heavy hail, which is a relatively serious hail disaster level.

We selected the most vulnerable corners of the modules for the hail test.

The corners were hit with an ice ball with a diameter of 34.40mm, a mass of 20.444g and a speed of 27.95m/s, followed by an ice ball with a diameter of 35.10mm, a mass of 20.497g and a speed of 26.34m/s. After two rounds of heavy hail hits, the module remained unscathed.

This fully demonstrates the ability of 210mm solar modules to withstand the hail test, once again confirming Risen Energy’s capabilities in product design and quality control.

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