Risen launches highly anticipated Titan Series at Smart Energy Conference

Risen Energy Australia (Risen) has this week launched its Titan Series high performance solar panels for the residential and commercial markets at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition 2021 in Sydney.

Incorporating the latest 210mm cell technology, the Titan S panel enables greater efficiency through a 390/400Wp power class range which is higher than the residential mainstream 370W panel currently offered in the Australian market.

Also launched were the Titan 550Wp and 600Wp models for the commercial and large scale/utility market which features power improvement, cost reduction, improved reliability and Levelised Cost of Energy reduction.

General Manager, Eric Lee, said he was proud to announce the addition of the Titan Series range to Risen’s product lineup for the benefit of Australian consumers.”

“The new Titan S panel was developed with greater efficiency resulting in fewer panels required for installation which in turn lowers a system’s overall cost,” said Mr Lee.

“For a standard 6.6kW system the number of panels required is reduced from 18 (at 370W) to 17 pieces (at 390W).

“Titan’s compact dimensions are ideal for rooftop applications and have high compatibility with mainstream inverters.

“These panels have been extensively tested to Australian conditions and are backed by a 15 year warranty for rooftop applications.

“Risen is proud to have developed a new generation of panels producing higher outputs and we hope to increase consumer uptake through this innovate product.”

Titan Series panels will be available from authorised distributors from June 2021.

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