Development Application notification – 59 Hillary Street, North Wagga Wagga

The proposed small-scale solar farm development site is to be located within 59 Hillary Street, North Wagga Wagga in NSW.

The site is approximately 3.5 km from the Wagga Wagga town centre as designated in the below map.

The proposed footprint of the small-scale solar farm is shown below in green which is approximately 17 hectares.

Construction is currently scheduled to begin around mid-2022 with a timeframe of around 10 to 12 months.

The project will support approximately 20 direct jobs during the construction phase and one full-time equivalent position during operation and maintenance over a 30-year lifetime.

The employment benefits extend through the local supply chains to fuel suppliers, vehicle servicing operators, uniform suppliers, hotels/motels, bed and breakfasts, cafes, pubs, catering and cleaning companies, tool and equipment suppliers and tradespersons within the area.

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