World record HJT solar panel efficiency

(HJT Solar Panel News) We’ve landed a world record for our Hyper-ion heterojunction technology (HJT) solar module efficiency!

Our new HJT solar module recorded a 23.89% efficiency rating earlier this year, verified by TÜV SÜD, an independent German testing, inspection and certification group. It breaks our previous HJT efficiency rating of 23.65% set back in 2021. 

These new HJT solar modules utilise ultra-thin wafer, zero busbar technology, hyper-link interconnection and encapsulation material, leading to greater efficiency. The panels also come with a maximum power output of 741.456W. With an extremely stable temperature coefficient and a high bifaciality of up to 85%, they can maintain up to 90% of their power output over 30 years, with materials that are made to last.

We are continuously innovating in the HJT space, and look forward to seeing what the technology holds for the future of solar and our Risen panels.

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