Why Risen Panels?

Wondering why everyone’s requesting Risen? 

Jeff Sykes, CEO of solar quote comparison service Solar Choice provides the run-down on why Risen Energy has become a top choice for solar in an unbiased in-depth review. Covering everything from Risen’s history in Australia to the innovation and panel specifications, his review shines a light on what customers can expect from a Risen panel.

History of Risen

Set up in 1986, Risen Energy today stands as a Bloomberg tier 1 listed-company. This success shows not only that Risen Energy is a trusted brand spanning across decades but that it is a stable and financially backed company that end-customers can rely on for support. Set up as a solar manufacturer in 2002, Risen’s manufacturing expertise spans over 20 years of successes, continuously innovating and learning.

Strong Australian presence

Risen Energy Australia, Risen’s dedicated Australian branch, operates locally out of both a Melbourne and Brisbane office to support Australian partners and end-customers directly. This support includes technical, sales and warranty support with easy access to our Australian team of experts.

Leading panel features and warranty

In his review Jeff goes through some of the features which put our panels ahead of the competition. Specifically Jeff talks about the Titan S 415W (RSM40) panel, a predecessor to our later and greater 440W N-type panel. The 440W panel has some of the same great technology which Jeff covered in his review, such as the monocrystalline half-cells, but boasts an improved thermal coefficient of power, even higher maximum efficiency and cutting edge Topcon technology.

The 440W n-type panel is also covered under the same leading 25-year product warranty and outstanding 25-year performance guarantee. This means that all Risen Energy end-customers can rest easy knowing that their panel is going to be providing energy efficiently for over two decades to come. 

As part of the performance guarantee, we ensure that in the first year the degradation rate of the panel will only be 2%, with every subsequent year having a degradation rate of no more than 0.55%. This means that after 25 years the panel is still producing well over 80% of the nameplate value of the panel. Combine this with our product warranty which covers any and all potential defects from the manufacturing process such as microcracks and snail trails and our customers have full confidence in the longevity of their panels. 

So, if you’re looking to install a solar system on your home or business rooftop, or you’re a solar retailer interested in partnering with Risen, explore our website to learn more.

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